Three different play opportunities available in the purpose built outdoor center.

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Question 2A

I have chosen the egg and spoon, race rock-climbing, and nature sketching as the three different play opportunities available in the purpose built outdoor center.

Egg And Spoon Long Distance Race

One spoon and one raw egg for each child.

All children should wear rough clothes, as this race gets dirty.

Line up next to each-other on a starting line.

Checkpoint stands (point B), (point C), (pint D), and (point E).

Place the egg in the spoon.

Balance the egg in the spoon at all times in the race.

Not using the other-hand, make it to all checkpoints.

Point B to point C all runners will go through car tyres.

Point C to point D all runners are required to walk SIDE-WAYS.

Point D to point E all runners are required CRAWL.

All children complete the track and come back to where they started (point A).

You can pick up the egg if the egg drops, but is not broken, while STANDING STILL (no travelling!).

Replace the on the spoon and continue the race.

The first person back without a broken egg wins.

The Rock-Climbing Race

Each team has diverse ethnic members and an equal number of males and females (if possible).

Each member of the team has to climb to the top of the tower and back down.

2 teams - one with red band the other blue

Having a team leader who's in charge of team order, sequence, spirit and the follower.

Belayers shadowed by expert trainers constantly

This is not only physically active, but also contains mental control and discipline, precise communication and involves an element of risk.

Yet it's a safe, high quality out-door experience that emphasis personal growth, education, and respect, not only for oneself but also others and...