Three Faces of EVE : Sacrifice as Original Sin

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Keywords: Crete, Cybele, Attis, Nana, Ephesus, Hierapolis, Astarte, Day of Blood, Kali, mahakali, Khonds, Gonds, Coatlique, Huitzilopochtli, Cihuacoatl, Teotihuacan, Tezcatlipoca, ixiptla

Three Faces of EVE : Sacrifice as Original Sin

Snake Goddess Knossos 1600 BC (Alexiou)

Ways of the Sacred Marriage:

The Hieros Gamos 1: Exorcising Bitter-Sweet Hystery

Yahweh and the Asherah: On Every High Hill and under Every Green Tree

The Song and the Wisdom

Origin of Sin and the Queen of Heaven

The Literary life of Deity

The Nemesis of the White Goddess

The Repression of Eve Trouble in Eden

The Gnostic Sophia

Three Faces of EVE: Sacrifice as Original Sin

Feminine Nature Shamanism

Buddha Mother

The Rebirth of the Church and the Transfoliation of Life

The Jewish Restoration and Shekhinah

The Islamic Woman

Ecofeminist Voices of the Floodtide

The Sacrifice of Eve: Biodiversity Genocide

Sowing the Spores of Immortality: Spiritual Biodiversity Renewal

Fighting for Their Rights: Female Circumcision

Before contemplating bring back the ancient genetic mother, we should all stop to consider what it is we do want to bring back, lest we make the same mistake made in ancient times and confuse the blood of male sacrifice with the essential fertility principal necessary for our own survival.

Lets us bring back the Eve of the eternal germ-line and the synchronistic goddess Leucothea of the sub-conscious mind as a shekhinah of visionary reflection, without the primitive gore of self-mutilation. These passages thus stand as a shrine to the spilled blood of the past and as a warning to those who would seek to bring back the goddess without due caution.

EVE the "Mother of all Living" has many faces spread through diverse cultures. Barbara Walker notes that "She is Adita Eve - the very beginning. Babylonians referred to her as the Divine Lady of Eden or Goddess...