Three Important Pieces Of Agatha Christie's Life By Ryan Melo English 12

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Three important pieces of Agatha Christie's life considered necessary in her writing include the losses she has suffered. In her mid child-hood her father died. Agatha was around age 11. Agatha never went to school. Her mother thought that school ruined the brain and the eyes. So Agatha grew up and became self-educated. Loss in a family sometimes brings out the best in you. In Agatha's case, she developed a strong skill for writing. Another important piece is that she grew up reading Sherlock Holmes books. So reading mysteries her whole life she developed the skill to write mystery herself. And a 3rd important piece is that during her teenage years she was heavily influenced by Eden Phillpotts, and he lived nearby. She visited him daily and he mentored her in reading and writing. At the time Eden was a very popular writer. Now many other things contributed to Agatha's writing, including her marriages to military men.

She fell under the category of travel and adventure. Traveling can teach you many things, including learning skills from many different cultures. As Agatha settled down in her life she had a child. Having a child could change a person in many ways. But yet it gave her someone to teach the trade of reading and writing to. But still Agatha had a strong desire to continue writing. Those are my opinions of the three important pieces of Agatha Christie's life.

Two other mystery writers include:

Edgar Allen Poe

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle