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We have decided on three leading indicators and how they affect our industry. The industry we have chosen is the wireless telecommunications industry with regard to cellular phones. We feel these three indicators determine how the product comes into the hands of consumer. These indicators are interdependent. Many of them have a direct correlation to the next leading indicator. We will describe how these indicators influence the wireless telecommunications industry.

Personal IncomePersonal income is defined as the income received as a single individual. The cellular telephone is a very handy and reliable tool. The cellular telephone gives the consumer mobility and the convenience to accomplish so much more since he or she are able to multitask. The cellular telephone even though it appears to be a necessity it is not. It is still a luxury. This device does not help the consumer to survive. The phone does not provide nourishment.

It can come in handy when emergencies arise but there are enough public telephones to help the people who do not have the luxury of having a phone. As personal income rises over the years people are able to buy more luxuries for themselves such as a cellular telephone.

Housing StartsHousing start is defined as the number of new dwellings begun nationwide during a particular period. Housing is a need. Everyone needs shelter and-based on the size of the family determines how large the domicile is. Housing is also determined how much personal income an individual has. A persona cannot buy a house if he does not have the personal income to match it. If the person has a larger personal income then the consumer can purchase a house and possible a larger house if their income increases. If their income increases and they can afford to buy a house...