Three Kinds of Dependency, describes social, physical and mental dependency

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Dependency by People and Society

There are approximately three million teen problem drinkers in the United States today. These teens depend on the effects of alcohol to suppress their anxiety and depression. In a different perspective, all people rely on the understanding and unconditional love from family and friends in their lives. Moreover, our society also became attached to certain program by the government and manipulated its original intention, such is the case of our welfare system. These occurrences illustrate the different kinds of dependency that people and society exhibit: physical, emotional, or political; each kind is particular in its level of complexity.

The most elementary kind of dependency is the dependency on drugs and stimulants. Addition is known as the more severe form of physical dependency and can be achieved with any stimulant substance. Psychologically, a person feels he or she cannot cope with normal life without having a certain substance.

However, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms if the user stops taking the drug. The craving for a substance is in the mind and the substance does not produce biochemical changes in such that continued doses of the drug are needed for physical normality. In most cases, drug dependency involves another kind of dependency. The altering of the body's chemistry, resulting from repeated administration of a drug produces physical dependency. If a user discontinues the use of a drug, physical withdrawal symptoms will occur. Alcoholism is an obvious illustration of drug dependency. A compulsive drinker drinks because they have to, despite the adverse effects that drinking has on their lives. Like many other drug abusers, alcoholics often drink hoping to drown anxious or depressed feelings. Some alcoholics drink to reduce strong inhibitions or guilt about expressing negative feelings.

A more complex kind of dependency is emotional dependency.