The Three Most Important Battles in European History Before 1700.

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Every time a country goes to war, the people are changed. There are only a select few battles that have changed history. Some events that have changed the world before the year 1660 are the Battle of Actium, the Battle of Tours and the Hundred Years War.

The Battle of Actium was a naval battle that occurred on September 2, 31 BC. Mark Antony and Octavian went to battle in what was a civil war in Rome. Antony's army was just as large as Octavian's, but his army would desert him and Octavian would go on to win the battle. Afterwards, Mark Antony would commit suicide and his lover, Cleopatra, would attempt to negotiate a truce. This victory for Octavian would give him the title of Princeps Augustus. Octavian would be the first Roman Emperor; which would be the end of the Roman Republic and the birth of the beginning of the Roman Empire Era.

From that day the Roman Empire would expand to Egypt and beyond and become one of greatest civilizations of all time.

The Battle of Tours was a battle that occurred by the city of Tours on October 10, 732. It was between the Franks, led by Charles Martel and the Moors, led by Emir Abdul Rahman. The Frankish army stopped the massive Islamic army from advancing into western Europe from the Iberian Peninsula. This conflict is on of the biggest in world history, for the conquests may have never been stopped as the Moors may have continued into Christian Civilization. Charles Martel's victory guarunteed the survival of the Christian belief. If Martel did fail his people, there would have never been a Charlemagne, or a Holy Roman Empire, or the Papal States. For the next 700 years after the Battle of Tours, there would...