It is a three page overview of World War 2, the rise and fall of Hitler, certain battles, ect.

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What would be said was the greatest war of the history of earth? Was it maybe Temujin and his Mongols conquering half the world? Mabye the Roman invasion of Greece. All this is up for dispute. But, what is not for dispute is the largest, most destructive, wide spread war of humanity was World War 2. What started out as a small insane quest to rid the world of the Jewish disease, became the near end of the world. Here is a brief overview of the rise, peak and fall of the 3rd Reich.

It all started right after the first world war. Germany was is turmoil. The economy was through the floor and unemployment was high. They needed a leader, some one to guide them. They a needed a scapegoat to put all their blame on. Hitler was their cure, and their damnation. In this era of chaos, there where many political parties gunning for control over Germany.

Of course the Nazi Party was one of them, and the one that came out victorious. Soon after, Adolf Hitler took the position of the 3rd Reich Chancellor. Know one knew the catastrophic events that proceed after this.

Soon after Hitler had acquire the position of Chancellor, he start making up laws so that he would have complete control over Germany. So now he was basically their dictator. Now that he had full control, it was time to institute his plan to rid the Jews, and make the world untied under his rule, a pure Aryan world. The night of broken glass was the first major demonstration against the Jews. Incognito Nazis ransacked Jewish homes and business in a full scale chaotic attack. This "demonstration" started a fire that would sweep the country like wild fire. Soon afterwards, there...