This is a three page report on John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), who won the 1960 United States presidential election against Nixon.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the second son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy. JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His family was always supportive, loving and encouraging, what seems like the "All American family." In high school John Kennedy had many friends and was voted "Most likely to succeed." He went to Princeton for a short while then attended Harvard where he majored in government and international relationships. After interviewing politicians and statesmen cross country for one summer, he returned to school and developed what eventually became a best selling book. This book was Why England Slept, about why England was not prepared for World War ll.

After school was over Kennedy enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was awarded the Navy and Marine corps medal and was given a Purple Heart while working for the Navy. In 1942 during an attack on one of his boats by Japanese fighters he saved he saved all of his troops and was awarded the navy and Marine Corps medals for his heroism

and leadership, he received the Purple Heart because he was injured in combat.

John F. Kennedy's primary reason for entering politics was because of his brother, Joe Kennedy's, death in 1944. In 1946, with support from all of his family he was elected in to the House of Representatives. He served in the H.O.R. until 1952, when he decided to run for senator and won the election. In 1956 Kennedy ran for the vice-presidential nomination at the Democratic Party's national convention in Chicago. Unfortunately he lost the nomination to Senator Estes Kefauver. In 1958 he won the re-election for senator, but campaigned every weekend to try to become nominated for president. Finally after winning many state primaries, he was put on the first ballot...