A three piece story demonstrating the way perceptions are differerent among individuals.

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"But what if she does something stupid?" he put his head in his hands. "I don't think she will though, she's not that type." The girl comforted him, putting her arm about his shoulders. They were in love and it was all turning so wrong. He had broken up with Kellie and she had taken it so, so badly. He had tried to be as gentle as he could, but she had still taken it badly. He was suddenly scared for her so much. She'd started sending him letters, saying goodbye to him, to the world, saying she'd kill him, saying all sorts of things. She hadn't been at school for weeks and Clinton was terrified of her doing something scary. Surely she wouldn't do anything that drastic? He felt a tear wend its way down his cheek.

He did love her still, just not as he used to. She had changed so much, she used to be beautiful and smart with a personality like a summers day.

He could remember sitting with her in the shade of an oak tree, watching the light filter through the leaves to play on her curly black hair. Her dark brown eyes had shone with mischief and an incredible energy that was entrancing. Her skin had not been like silk, but instead had a soft quality like fine velvet. She had smelt like cinnamon or something else sweet and spicy, an exotic smell that was full of the promise of mischief and vivacity, but she had changed.

Idly, he wondered if she still smelt the same or whether that had changed about her too. Maybe she was still the same, somewhere deep inside, but if she was he couldn't see it.

He felt a pang of guilt, thinking about Kellie when Jules was...