Three Rules We should Live By.

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“Man is what he believes.” is one rule we should all live by, Anton Chekhov, a short story author lived by this and preached it to everyone he met. Each person in this world believes in something or someone, for every high school student, there is a younger middle or elementary school student, who looks up to and believes in that high school student. They will model their life after the high school students’, trying as hard as they can to be what they believe. I too model my life on three basic things that I believe; God helps us every day, we can do anything and the power of technology.

The first thing I believe helps all of us in our everyday lives is God and the power of prayer. I strongly believe that God works in each and every one of us and in all different kinds of different ways.

A few weeks ago, before our first football game the whole football team got together and met at the 50 yard line of the football field right after the sun had gone down. Most of the underclassmen weren’t sure what to expect or what we were going to do here but, as soon as team captain Trevor Cling explained that “this year every Thursday night we were going to meet at the field to have a prayer before the game on Friday” everyone seemed calm. In the following minutes, each teammate held hands with one another and added their addition to the prayer; by the end of the prayer everyone seemed a little different because they had just poured out their feelings and expectations of the game to everyone including God. Furthermore I remember feeling God telling me what to say and the next thing I knew...