Three scenes on domestic violence in a small community.

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A dual kitchen-dining room. The room is sparsely furnished with stained, threadbare and broken furniture; an old, greasy gas stove and chipped cupboards form the kitchen and the dining room consists of a low table and a few broken and mismatched chairs. The house has a few bright touches, photographs or paintings, but they are hanging crookedly from the walls and the rest of the house is a muted, dusty brown or grey.

There is a young woman, Jules, standing by the stove. Offstage you can hear a door slam. Jules gasps, bumps the saucepan she has been stirring onto the floor and starts to cry. She bends down, visibly shaken, to see if some of the meal can be salvaged. Another door slams and Jules stands up, backs away from the stove and trying to support herself, leans on the table.

Trevor OFFSTAGE (angrily): Where the hell are you woman? (He enters the room and sees the saucepan spilled on the floor) You think you can make me work all day and then I'll just meekly come home to no damn dinner? (He kicks the saucepan across the room)

Jules (through tears, frightened): Please stop it Trevor, please...It

wasn't my fault, I'll make you something else to eat, I'm sorry, just please don't hurt don't need to hurt me. (She cowers away from Trevor)

Trevor (menacing, if slightly unsteady): Don't tell me what I need to do. You're hopeless woman; you need to learn to please your husband, to keep me happy!

Jules (trying desperately to calm Trevor down, but she knows it won't work): Trevor, darling, you're drunk. Please, why don't you sit down, relax, and I'll get -

Trevor (cutting her sentence off): Relax? How can I relax, when I...