The three stars that were overlooked in The Little Prince - A creative writing piece where we had to write 3 star-chapters in the style of the little prince. Includes illustrations.

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The three stars that were overlooked in The Little Prince

Story and Illustrations by Joel Califa

Based on The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery


The seventh planet that the little prince landed on was inhabited by a dreamer.

The little prince observed that when his eyes were open, the dreamer never looked away from the stars for it was only a week after the little prince arrived that the dreamer noticed him.

"What are you doing here?" the dreamer inquired, "nobody ever comes here..." he added quite sadly.

The little prince stared at the odd fellow. Not quite in the mood to ruin his now standing record of never answering a question, he demanded "What are you always dreaming about?"

The dreamer then looked up at the stars again and stated "A life better than my own".

The prince was shocked, with wide eyes he asked "But why are you not dreaming about your own life?"

"What do I have to dream of?" the dreamer replied bitterly, "my life is worth nothing!"

"Why do you dream then, instead of making your own life better?" asked the little prince, still baffled by this odd way of living.

"My life could never be as good as my dreams" said the man, who was now looking up at the stars again.

"At least he enjoys the stars" the little prince said to himself as he was leaving, "for that is the only sensible thing about him".


On the eighth planet, which was light blue and fuzzy (the little prince had never known of a fuzzy planet), stood a child. The child had golden hair to match the little prince's and was looking around for something to do or play with. An adult was nowhere to be seen.

"Why are you...