Three Super Things I learned from SuperMan

Essay by miabanzon July 2006

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You don't need to be superman to have an impact on the society. Whatever God has given you is enough. My best example here would be Luthor. He ain't superman but he was able to threaten the whole world with his genuis. He was actually so powerful that he almost killed superman. The next example would be the girlfriend of Luthor. She had no genuis comparable to that of Luthor or strength to match that of superman. But she had a heart. She didn't want millions to die. What she did was simple but she was able to save millions because of that. Had she not thrown those crystals, Luthor would have been able to retaliate to superman. She has followed her heart but has actually applied virtue ethics in the process. She couldn't stand millions dying. But for me, she couldn't stand more the fact that Luthor would be the one to kill those millions.

She is truly one heck of a lover for she stopped her beloved from commiting a mistake that Luthor himself would regret in the future.

You will be rewarded with the things that you do. The example here would still be Luthor and his girlfriend. He had to use his genius to evil so he had to be stranded in an island. This also goes of course for our hero. Superman sacrificed all of his strength to save the world, in turn he was able to have a place he can call home. Virtue ethics woks pretty much in a similar manner. A good act is rewarded by one's flourishing while a bad one hurts the soul if not the body. The only question now is wheter you will have someone to lead you to good in time that you are lost.