Three theories about the first human beings

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The First Human Beings #1

As the sun glistened through the clouds and bounced its reflection off the lake, a subtle cry could be heard in the distance. A mysterious new creature to this huge world had seemingly just dropped out of the sky. It was unlike anything else. It got up and observed its surroundings. It walked almost like an ape, yet had no body hair. It didn't fly or walk on all fours like all the other creatures did. This creature seemed to be male, with short hair on the top of his head. He quickly covered himself with a maple leaf and ran to a clearing in the forest. He looked up and saw a vast blue sky with white puffy clouds. Around him were all sorts of trees and bushes. As he gazed at the sky above him, he heard a "thump" come from behind him.

Afraid to approached, he took a step back and scrutinized what appeared to be a female version of his kind.

She had long blonde hair and a more slender body than that of the male. He slowly crept in to get a better look at what had fallen form the sky just like him. He put his face right up to hers, with their noses 6 inches away from each other.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and the startled male jumped back a few steps. She stood up and took a step toward him. She slowly raised her arm and extended her index finger. The male did so also and the touched fingers.

Over the next few years, they made a language in which they could communicate with each other. They still wondered how they got there and constantly tried to figure it out.

One sunny afternoon, they looked...