Three types of Deception In Much Ado About Nothing

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The assertion "Deception by appearances" does apply to Much Ado About Nothing in many ways. Deception plays an important role in this book. Deception is the cause that brings about the effects of the situations. The masked dance, Benedick and Beatrice, Don John deceiving Claudio about Hero, and the Friar at the wedding are a few examples. The three types of deception that I will be classifying are beneficial, cruel, and sorrowful.

One type of deception would be beneficial deception. Beneficial deception is not to be cruel or conniving, it is to benefit another person. The Prince helping Claudio meet with Hero is an example. The Prince posed as if he was Claudio to Hero to help fix them up. This is not to hurt anyone but to help. ...." And I will break with her and with her father, And thou shalt have her..." this is a quote from the prince with his motive for posing as Claudio.

Another beneficial deception is in the situation of the Prince and others having a plan to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love with each other. This is beneficial because Beatrice and Benedick did not like each other in the beginning so the Prince and others are helping them by making something beautiful come out of the two--love.

Second type of deception is cruel deception. An example of cruel deception would Don John and his plan to ruin Claudio and Hero. He pays Borachio to deceive the Prince and Claudio into thinking that Hero is not being faithful. Borachio has Margaret seem as though she is Hero, that way when he has his way with her, Claudio sees this and does not want her anymore. Don John had this type of deception done so to effect two people negatively. This type...