It is about three types of people: egocentric, hyperactive, and shy. It is an average classification paper.

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Most people have heard the saying "everyone is different." Everyone is different, but it is also possible to classify people into three different categories: egocentric, hyperactive, and shy. Some people can be a combination of two or all three, but, for the most part, each person falls into only one category and thus can be classified.

People who are egocentric tend to be extremely self-centered. They work to get others to notice them and like them. They also hate when others do better, look better, and even feel better than they do. Usually an egocentric person thinks badly of oneself, although they get others to believe that they are the best. When speaking with one a person might feel intimidated. Some may even avoid the egocentric simply because they do not like their attitude. They seem to be inconsiderate and selfish to others. Most people would say that egocentric people are full of themselves.

Also, most of them have plenty of money and can afford things that others cannot. Their parents take care of their every need and work to please them. Some parents might even be scared of their egocentric child when their child starts demanding that they get certain things. These things are usually expensive and some parents would have a hard time saying no to a child that won't accept a "no" for an answer.

A hyperactive person is one that cannot sit still. Most of us were like this as children, but some of us never grow out of it. These are the people who want to be doing something constantly. Many will suffer from insomnia. They are, simply stated, very active. If they are told to run a mile they will without complaining or even thinking that they don't want to. Some...