Thrill Kill

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Huge Dows Is an Idiot It was Friday afternoon, July 12th, summer's heat had slowly beaten us into a dull boredom that had lasted for days on end. This day would soon turn into a day that I would never be able to forget. Alex Reaves, good fishing bud, and myself could not think of anything to do. Alex had been growing his own for some time know and as a result of this we had become quite the burn-outs. We had been smoking all daylong and by this point, our mouths were dry, eye's bloodshot, and head in the clouds. We had been playing Tony Hawk all afternoon, and I was quite sick of it. This seemed like most of my summer days. My pale green living room couch had slowly grown around me, and started devouring my sluggish body. I flicked off the PS2 and started surfing the channels.

I stopped when I found some 20/20 documentary on thrill killings. Huge Dows was drowning on and on about how this is an epidemic. By the way, I think Huge Dows quit the idiot. He and Barbara Walters are so overdramatic, they make the smallest problems seem like the end of the world, but I quest that's another story. Today they were talking about how these two kids ordered pizza to some house in the middle of know where and killed the delivery guy.

"hey X"¦" I call Alex "˜X"˜ because ever since we were kids I could not say the first part of his name.

"Yeah?" he said inquisitively.

"I got an idea." A crazy smile came over his long scrawny face, and right then I knew that he was thinking the same thing I was. We unleashed ourselves from the living room and made our way to the kitchen. I grabbed a large stainless steal cutlery knife that my mom and I used to use for carving jack-o-lanterns. Our bodies were starting to move quicker as we devised our plan. He grabbed a sky-blue flannel sheet and we bolted for the car. A heat wave hit our faces as we opened the doors of my 93 Ford escort wagon. Yeah your jealous, don't hide it. It was only a 25 minute drive into Burlington, but with our hearts racing and my foot pressed to the pedal it would be a quick 15. The sun was laughing at us in the sky, mocking my every high speed turn. Exit 14 west seemed to be beckoning us as we speed up the off ramp and made our was to the water front. We parked at the Radisson and jaunted down through the over grown shrubbery, witch tripped our frantic feet. We made our way toward the waterfront. We stopped to catch our breath, and think.

"Are we nuts?" X panted"¦ "Hells' yeah" I exclaimed. After casually walking down the bike path for a couple hundred yards we spotted them, the abandon box cars were all the bums sleep. We poked out heads in and out of a couple of them until we found what we were searching for. I entered the car, and the smell slapped us both across the face. Piss and whisky is not a pleasant aroma in a small confined area. Come to think about it, piss and whisky isn't a pleasant aroma anywhere. My heart jump into my throat as we gingerly placed our feet over the remnants of porno's and broken glass that laid strewn out over the floor. We approached him. The bum was wearing black levis with large slices in the knees, no shirt, and a old Nike on his left foot only. He had a really bad tattoo of a lion his chest. His eyes were rolled back in his head, and his chapped lips were moving but no words were coming out. I guessed he was huffing, maybe gasoline or rubber cement. I pulled the knife out of my pocket, and held it tight. My mind was shivering in my skull but my muscles were assured of what they were about to do. I stepped closer, he still had no idea of the danger he was in, I don't even think he knew that there were people in that lonely car with him. With one quick movement I plunged the knife through his ribs and it stayed there. He let out a quick yelp and strange contorted look came over his face. He somehow managed to get to his feet and take a couple of bumbling steps toward Alex. His legs could not bear the weight of his body though. His knees collapsed and he fell backward to the floor with a thump. Very slowly, like the last seconds on the microwave, he reached up with his right hand and held his lungs which were quickly filling with blood. Alex look at me then the bum, who now laid motionless on the floor. We both watched the life slowly drain out of his body. Extremities fell limp, then his neck tipped slightly to the left. It was all over for this unfortunate soul. Alex took the sheet out from his Quicksilver back pack and placed it over the now lifeless body. The sight was one that I could never forget. The wave of excitement that had filled us before the killing was now long past. My skin pricked and I thought that it might just crawl off of my frame. Alex turned to me and said one word.

"Shit." I nodded in agreement and now knew how every murderer has ever felt after committing homicide. I turn and walked out of the car, I felt my stomach quiver for a second and knew what was next. I collapsed to my knee's to watch a stream of vomit came hurling out of my mouth. I've puked before, yeah know, like when your sick or drunk, but this was like nothing I had ever felt. I thought that my whole stomach would some how squeeze its way through my through. My esophagus burned with the acid that accompanied my through up. Alex padded me on the back and helped me up from my clutch to the ground. We left behind the death and destruction that had taken place in that car. After dropping of Alex at his step dads, I returned home and tired to sleep. When sleep did come over me, it was not a peaceful one but instead it filled my head with horde sights of the days events. I awoke in a frantic sweet latter that night. The terrors of the day played tricks with my brain as a laid awake in my pitch black room. I thought the whole world would close down on my single souls and every thing and every one would come to an apocalyptic end. Fever dreams definitely like to play tricks with your mind.

Alex left for RIT two weeks latter, and I would return to UVM. The summers events proved to be quit an awakening, I know now what it feels like to kill.