The Thropian: An Original Myth

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This story took place in 1300 BC, and it was a happy time, with no word of war or hardship. The place is Thrace, in a small village on the shore of the beautiful Aegean Sea, which served as both pleasure and business for the people. It had sandy beaches for recreation, and grassy hillsides for children to play on. Also on the coast there were fishermen's docks, and small harbors for their boats.

The sea was also home to the monster Thropnon. He was a sort of giant lizard, who was for the most part friendly. The fishermen saw him often, and were not afraid. The thing Thropnon loved most was to swim wildly about at the bottom of the sea, and for great distances. Sometimes there were weeks at a time when the monster was not seen, for he had gone on another one of his journeys, to no place particular.

He simply loved the freedom the ocean gave him. Thropnon's only flaw was his obsession with practical jokes. He loved to bother the fishermen, but he meant no harm. He would do things like make waves with his giant tail to rock the boats, or more often, splash water at the men. Sometimes though, he would go a bit too far with the practical jokes. Thropnon was not a very smart monster. Once he tipped a man's boat, causing him to lose all fishing equipment aboard.

Most men did not mind Thropnon, and simply laughed at his jokes. But one man, who lived quite close to the shore, hated the beast. And many say that is why Thropnon chose him to be the victim of most of his practical jokes. The man was Linates. Linates lived with his wife, Relin, and their son, Whillon,