Through the Eyes of Autism

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There was not a cloud in the sky that could dampen anyone's mood on this sunny summer day. Jacob and I had smiles on our faces to prove it. It felt good to be walking around outside after such a long drive. I felt a cool mist that carried by the light breeze and I looked all around to see where it was coming from. I noticed a small waterfall flowing into a river. I thought that it would be fun to take Jacob down the river, so I grabbed him and held him on the tube. He then started to fuss and told me that he wanted to get out. I just grabbed hold of him tighter and off we went down the river. As we came around a bend, the waterfall appeared and it became apparent that there was no way around it. I suddenly realized that Jacob wasn't going to like this and I immediately started apologizing to him for the jolting surprise he was about to experience.

As soon as we started going under the waterfall, Jacob started to yell and cry. It became clear to me then that it might not have been a good idea to bring Jacob to Water Country. At Water Country there is lots of stimulation, which is not good for someone like Jacob. You see, Jacob is autistic.

Jacob is a fascinating eleven year-old boy. Before Jacob was diagnosed at the age of eighteen months, he could crawl, sit up, walk, and achieve most normal motor milestones on schedule. Up until the age of onset, he appeared to be exceeding average intelligence. However, Jacob's parents began to notice behavior changes in Jacob. He would do things such as bang his head on the couch while rocking back and forth,