"Through the Eyes of Good" Globalization Essay

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You wake up around 4 o'clock in the morning; you look out the window and see the other kids walking down the street. Your parents are waiting for you outside for another day in the rice factory. Your body still aches from the hard work yesterday and you have not even taken a shower because the water in town was all gone. You missed school for several months now since working at the rice mill is the only way to have food on the table. Missing everything about being a regular kid, you stop walking and tears pour down your face. The next day, you overhear the radio talking about exports doubling on Vietnamese rice, which meant costs on rice to increase. Confused, you continue walking towards the little cottage, your home, behind a local store. You watch the kids playing with a ball, you want to play but you injured yourself from carrying the heavy sacks of rice.

Instead, you cry yourself to sleep. The next week, you wake up to your parents calling; you get up from bed and they tell you the news. They say you will not have to work anymore and that you could go back to school since the rice mill is doing well from the imports to other countries over seas. The unhappy frown turns into a huge smile from cheek to cheek; you become a regular kid, once again. This happened to Vietnam around 1993-1998 when "Vietnam decided to put away export restrictions. This made an increase in the price of Vietnamese rice, which gave rice farmers more money."(Davis, Matthew. "Globalization Reduces Child Labor in Vietnam") More money means there is more food to buy. The extra money that was made from exporting goods was given to the government of Vietnam, which...