Through the Eyes Of Terror - A look behind the motivation of the Taliban and other Terrorists.

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Through the eyes of a terrorist:

The motivations behind the horror

It is very clear to everyone world wide that any terrorist actions, especially the most recent on September eleventh, are very wicked and evil. Everyone except the terrorists themselves, that is. So the question of what the terrorists underlying motivations are arises, and for good reason. The only person that can really answer that question is one who studies terrorism or is a terrorist himself.

In the book The Anatomy of Terrorism, the author David Long reveals the point that one of the fundamental objectives of terrorists is to intimidate people by making them aware of their personal vulnerability (Long IV). It is also important to be able to decipher between terror and terrorism. In the book, Terror & Terrorism, author Frederick Hacker writes, "Terror, which is inflicted from above, is the manufacture and spread of fear by dictators, governments, and bosses.

It is the attempt of the powerful to exert control through intimidation. Terrorism, which is imposed from below, is the manufacture and spread of fear by rebels, revolutionaries, and protestors. It is the attempt of the so far powerless and the would be powerful, to exert control through intimidation" (Hacker 144). Mr. Hacker goes on to write, "Terror and terrorism are not the same, but they belong together, indissolubly linked by the shared belief that fear is the strongest, if not the only, effective human motivation and that violence is the best, if not the only, method to produce and maintain fear" (Hacker 144). I would have to say that thus far the terrorists have been quite proficient in executing their initiative. As said by David Long, "Anyone who regularly reads a newspaper or watches the nightly news shows has seen the product of terrorist attacks in...