Ticket Brokers & Scalpers

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Ticket Brokers & Ticket Scalping

Ticket brokers and scalpers are simply buyers and sellers of goods that are in demand. They purchase tickets for virtually every type of special event that someone would want to attend. Most of the events are extremely high in demand especially when these events are first put on sale by traditional ticket outlets like Ticketmaster. Brokers and scalpers purchase any and all sorts of events from concerts, sporting events, and even the opera. The name of the game is buying at retail and re-selling for a premium price. Those who purchase these tickets on the secondary market are more than willing to dish out the cash to see their favorite performers. The only difference between a ticket broker and scalper is that a broker has a license to resell on the secondary market while scalpers are unlicensed and sell these tickets illegally.

They acquire these tickets by flooding the systems of traditional ticket agencies to purchase these valuable commodities . We have all gotten the "unable to match search criteria" message when trying to purchase tickets to a popular event. Their is probably a strong chance that the message was caused by a ticket broker who employs people to flood these systems in order to get these tickets in their hands. You might ask yourself, is this legal? Is this regulated in any way? When you think about it, is what they doing really wrong or are they just playing by the rules economics. The rules of supply and demand.

Are these brokers and scalpers really in the wrong when selling these tickets for a markup that someone is willing to pay. Perhaps, the mainstream ticket agencies and box...