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A. Societal Environment

1. Economy

- Low-negative growth in economy/financial markets (T)

- Reduced discretionary spending on goods that are, or are perceived to be, luxuries (T)

- Unsettled regional/global conflicts e.g. military and/or terrorist activities (T)

- Weak economic conditions in Japan (T)

- Global competition (T)

- Wholesale market for high quality cut diamonds will provide continuity of supply and pricing (O)

- Soft employment market (T)

- Post September 11th recession/reduced tourism (T)

- Increase in 2-income families (O)

- Number of families w/ household incomes over $100,000 to grow by 20% (O)

- Low cost manufacturing abroad - China, Brazil (O)

- High discretionary income of baby-boomers through credit card use (O)

2. Technology

- Increased availability of Internet (O)

- Increased use of E-Commerce (O)

- New QAD & MFG/PRO software to collect real-time data (O)

2. Political-Legal

- Increase in free trade (O/T)

- China's membership to WTO (O)

- WTO - World Trade Organization (O/T)

- Tax benefits associated w/ ETI (O)

- Government rules/regulations (O/T)

4. Socio- Cultural

- Growth of seniors market-over 80 million baby boomers in U.S (O)

- Baby boomers focused on luxury, travel, and leisure (O)

- Trend young males 18-34 marrying later; participate in bridal/baby registry (O)

- More women entering workforce (O)

- Matures, by 2015, 15% of population (O)

- 60 million Generation Y consumers - bridal market boom (O)

- bridal market boom (O)

- Gen X and Gen Y focus on fashionable, trendy items (O)

- Trend in high-end luxury brands desired by Chinese (O)

- Consumer purchasing power and preferences (O/T)

- Increase or frequency of tourist travel (O)

B. Task Environment

1. Threat of New Entrants: LOW

Market maturity

2.Bargaining Power of Buyers: LOW


3. Threat of...