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Advertising is a form of communication. Its intention is to inform or influence one or more people. Advertising is directly linked to marketing and is paid for by the person or organisation intending to promote their product. Advertising can be conveyed through various media vehicles such as newspapers or magazines, on radio or TV, billboards and by promotional people.

My product is 'Tiger Turf' which is a range of superior, high quality, durable and natural looking synthetic lawn. My product appeals mainly to families who have a house with room for gardens, tennis courts and playing areas. I'm also anticipating that 'Tiger Turf' would appeal to people with a large disposable income, who enjoy a luxurious and stylish lifestyle.

South Australia is currently in the midst of a serious drought. Severe water restrictions have been introduced across the state. People would generally be thinking twice about having a large, grassed, playing field whether it is a tennis court, putting green or a croquet area installed.

A synthetic, water free alternative to grass would be a more appealing choice. I thought of the idea of advertising synthetic grass from the renovations my family and I are currently doing at home. The decisions about what we are going to do with our backyard and tennis court have been the centre of much discussion and deliberation.

I chose the name 'Tiger Turf' because I wanted to create a catchy name that would appeal to the general public. 'Tiger Turf' implies to me a product which is reliable, tough and attractive. Additionally I thought about how tigers can have a range of colours which blend in with their environment.

The target audience already described means that my initial marketing plan would involve advertising in lifestyle and business magazines such as SA Life, The Adelaide...