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The Renaissance style includes two principal components, a revival of the classical forms which were developed originally by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the other component is an deepened anxiety in humanism as well as an enlighten declaration for the importance of the individuals. The renaissance era in art relates to the introduction of the western age of exploration and discovery after a human desire was developed to uncover and examine all aspects of the World and our human nature. Throughout this period artist were no longer viewed as just "artisans" as they have experienced and been a part of the medieval past. The "artisans" were able to show for the first time their independent personalities, just like the poets and writers of their era. The artist of this period sought new explanations to formal and visual challenges as well as developed a new sense of artistic experimentation and expression.

The age of Baroque art includes general characteristics of energy, tension and a sense of movement. In Portuguese, the word Baroque means "irregularly shaped pearl" which best describes the multiple styles that were brought together during the Baroque heading. Artist used a strong contrast of light and dark colors to create a shadow or 3D image to develop and increase the effects of many sculptures and paintings. The Baroque period became the era of style-consciousness. In all aspects of life a new fascination in space began and art was no exception. Both scientists as well as artist were intrigued with the sense of motion and space, but the Baroque artist added other dimensions which included the use of light, concept of time and a sense of theatrics to their list of interest.

Masaccio was an artist who had a remarkable effect on the course of art during the Renaissance era.