Time To Drive

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Time to Drive

I have spent less than a year on the earth and I am standing behind the wheel of a car. I try sitting down, but then I can not see over the steering wheel. I decide the pedals are also out of my reach sitting down or standing up. When it starts to move I feel so exhilarated; then I realize just going down the drive way in my dads lap. I just laugh and enjoy the ride, but I can not waiting till I can drive my own car. The ride over I depart the car to my room, to take a nap, I ponder how the thing came to be. I imagine superior beings came and visited the planet long before myself, who thought of the car as the best thing to ever happen to them, to the cavemen. It all stared when one of the beings decided to give us the wheel.

Then they gave us another step to completion, fire. Later as the beings observed that we where using the fire and the wheel separately. Desperate trying to decipher what they did wrong, it hit them. So they killed all the dinosaurs, and covered them with soil and rocks; so we could have the fossil fuels we need to make a car go. I fall asleep shortly after reaching this conclusion.

I'm awake, and for some reason I feel a lot older. I look in my wallet and find a license and what I think is a picture of my car. "Knock, Knock", some one is at the door, I open the door and behind the person I see the same car that I had seen in my wallet. He asks me ready to go race, not quite sure what he means, I...