Time line for Alice Walker, writer of "The Color Purple".

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Time line ---- Alice Walker.

·1944: February 9, Alice Malsenior Walker is born to sharecroppers, Willie Lee and

·1952: At the age of eight, Alice is accidentally blinded by one of her brothers while playing a game of "Cowboys and Indians."

·1952-58: Alice is ostracized as an outcast because of her scar. To deal with her feelings of loneliness, Alice begins to read and write poetry.

·1958: At the age of fourteen, while visiting her brother Bill in Boston, Alice is taken to a hospital to have the cataract in her eye removed. She becomes confident and her life is transformed.

·1960: Alice graduates as valedictorian from her high school class.

·1961: Alice Walker is awarded a scholarship to attend the historical African-American woman's institution, Spelman College.

·1961-63:During her time at Spelman, Alice participates in civil right's movement as an activist.

·1963: She leaves Spelman College, which she finds too puritanical to attend Sarah Lawrence, a liberal arts college in New York City.

·1964: After her junior year at Sarah Lawrence, Alice travels abroad during the summer to become an exchange student in Uganda.

·1965: Walker returns to the south to work in voter registration and promoting welfare rights in Georgia.

·1967: Alice falls in love with Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal who she marries on March 17, 1967. They move to Mississippi in becoming the state's first legally married interracial couple in history.

·1967: Alice Walker publishes her first short story, "To Hell with Dying," based in reaction to her depression.

·1969: Alice's work in Georgia helps her to see the effect poverty on relationships between black men and women.

·1969: With the help of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, Walker finishes The Third Life of Grange Copeland, three days before her daughter, Rebecca Grant's birth.

·1969: Becomes a...