The time machine

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The story begins with an assembly of men in their usual discussion group; the group consists of an assortment of different classes of men with, somewhat, conflicting political and philosophical views on society. One of the characters at the discussion group, who refers to himself as I, is retelling the whole story to the reader. The protagonist of the story, known to the reader as "The Time Traveler," opens the discussion on the first night with the possibility of manipulating the fourth dimension, time. The group expands conversation on the idea with some similar and some conflicting notions. The discussion itself soon elaborates into a heated deliberation between "The Time Traveler" and another member of the group Filby. Eventually "The Time Traveler" comes to tell the group of his own experiment using his philosophies and hypothesis on time travel, and in order to test his hypothesis "The Time Traveler" has made a model which he will use to test his theory on time travel.

group all agrees to keep an open mind on the experiment, and not jump to any immediate conclusions by calling the model an illusion if it works. "The Time Traveler" sets the model on the table and throws the switch; the model then disappears and successfully travels into time. Filby is astonished, yet still somewhat disproving because the machine wasn't built to travel to a point were it could once again reappear. To Filby there still wasn't enough evidence to prove "the Time Traveler's" theory. "The Time Traveler" then confessed to the group that he had been diligently working on a life-size model of the time machine, which was nearing completion. After seeing this, the storyteller recalls, "None of us knew quite how to take it." next Thursday the group met once again at "The Time...