"The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells

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Two more books by H.G. Wells are:



The major characters were the following:

The Time Traveler - He inventived the time machine and traveled through time

Filby - Was very argumentitive, but a very close friend of the Time Traveler.

The Eloi - Arace of sweet, innocent and child like people.

Weena - She was one of the Eloi

The Morlocks - They were a race of cannibals who raised the Eloi, like cattle for food.

In the beginning of the story the Time Traveler, Filby and some for their friends were talking about space and time dimension. He showed them a working model of the time machine and gave them a demonstration.

When they left the Time Traveler went ito his lab to get into his time machine. He stepped into the time machine sat down. He slowly pushed the lever forward to go ahed in time, as he got used to the controls he went faster.

Through a window he saw he saw everything happening faster and a dial told him the date. The mannequin in the window also showed him the changing times.

As he traveled through time he slowed down to take a closer look at the changes that were taking place, but he never left his lab. Finally hestoped when he saw a White Sphinx with wings that made it look like it was hovering. He stopped to fasted and the time machine fell on its' side and he had to pull it up by a bar onit's side.

He was walking through a forest with trees filled with fruit, until he came to a large round building. Inside the bulding there was nothing but tables with bowls of fruit on them. He went...