Time Management

Essay by ljsierraA, February 2009

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Time management can be defined in many ways depending on the task and individuals. Our group defines it as a daily balancing act.

All of our lives have many priorities we all have to accomplish daily before school or studying even can occur. Every day our lives give us many task and challenges that we must take on daily to maintain our families and succeed. Such as, 1.) The daily chores that are part of being a member of a family. 2.) Our Job, no matter a full time, part time, or a stay at home parent. 3.) Study time for school and homework. 4.) Family time, this can be playing with your children or caring for your elder relatives or parents. These four challenges are many of the things we have to do each day and are a necessary in our daily lives. However, all of these have possible opportunities to gain some daily time to study.

We also all have the challenge to overcome the pleasures in life such as watching TV, playing video games, and social activities that are fun and relaxing but, are not usual productive in relation to our school work and daily schedule.

When it comes to managing our time better we have identified several strategies to improve the success rate of completing our daily tasks outside of school while still managing to maintain a level of daily study time. This is something that can work for anyone today, a celebrity, a businessman/woman, a mother, and even a student. Though we all have different lives we all agree on the idea of a weekly schedule. We feel that if we have a list of all the housework, family time, and school work that needs to be done, this will keep us focused on...