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A time management system is essential to living your life more efficiently. Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity but accomplish very little because they are not concentrating on the right things. By using time management skills, you can learn to determine which of the things you do are important, which can be dropped, use your time in the most effective way possible, break down the roadblocks that waste it, and increase the effectiveness. While preparing this group assignment, we discovered that there were some similarities in the challenges we deal with in everyday in life. We will come up with some solutions for our time management issues.

Some personal time management issues that we share as a group is not being organized, not having time for the family, keeping up with household duties, and not being prepared for the unexpected. Many times challenges are not easily solved, due to not having enough minutes or hours in a day.

With time you can't slow it down and you can't speed it up. You have to be able to manage it. With that being said, what do you do to improve these challenges?Working on an organizer, such as a "to do" list, writing down all the daily duties to ensure everything flows smoothly, would be a solution for getting organized. The "to do" list is a "simple program that can help you identify a few items, the reason for doing them, a timeline for getting them done, and then printing this simple list and posting it for reminders" (Senaca, 1996). This will enable us to stay focused and not forget anything that we are supposed to be doing for that day. Prioritizing everything on our "to do" list allows us to see what is important and should...