A time remembered.

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A time remembered

By Kate Sewell

Snow had melted all around the grounds as February came to a close, nothing except the cold bitter wind that swept against the frosted window pain was heard, as Elsie placed down the crisp piece of parchment upon the smooth surface of the old mahogany desk; it seemed like only yesterday that she was standing in the very same room looking out across the derelict graveyard which 60 years ago seemed haunted by the bodies that rested underneath its turf, but now as Elsie stood there she saw it as a place of peace and calmness, where robins perched upon the weathered headstones puffing out there breasts as they sang to the glorious morning sun.

60 years had gone now since Elsie had first stepped out onto the graveled driveway of Priory Grange, a vulnerable young girl of 6 scared by the prospect of war and devastated by the fact she had been sent away for safety, while her family back in London still lived in fear, of the crisis that surrounded there very house.

This time was different though, Elsie thought to her self as she heard the faint whistle of the kettle coming from the kitchen, it did not feel as if she had been sent back to stay unwillingly, but felt as if she was home; a warm fuzzy feeling filling her insides as if drinking a hot cup of cocoa on cold winters day. Stepping down the carpeted spiral staircase Elsie found it hard to think of how to write her wave of emotions and the story of her childhood in the one letter she had to write to her family, explaining why she was back at the old vicarage where she had been evacuated too such a long...