"Time for some action."

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Time For Some Action

In order to insure the establishment and maintenance of a stable government the focus could not have been purely political. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson greatly concerned themselves with domestic and foreign endeavors in order to create and maintain the infrastructure and blueprint of a stable government.

Domestically, many different actions attributed to the foundation of stability or varying levels of insurrection in some cases. Mostly, both the men's efforts carried over as shining examples of leadership. Washington had the task of bringing this young nation to its feet. If it was not obtained then, it might not have ever happened. Many different attitudes toward this task have been revealed through his various methods. The first census was taken during Washington's time in office, this action alluded to a calming all across the land, because a counted nation put everyone into one big unit which was a sign of an attempt to begin planting the seeds of nationalism.

Federal courts, post offices, a form of currency, these were all representative of the progress and stabilizing of the American government. Checks and balances within the governmental system was stressed greatly by Washington, who believed that the branches of government should remain as far apart as possible. Another belief of Washington was that there should be no political parties within the government, he warned against the idea many times citing his belief of the turmoil it would create. All who could appreciate them held these stabilizing mechanisms in high regard. As stated not all can remain quiet always, insurrection and mutiny was abroad. The Whiskey Rebellion called for a decisive leader with great tact, and Washington was there to answer that call. Pennsylvania was in an uproar after a new excise tax was introduced, the average worker...