Tinies Childcare Case study

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Table of contents

1. Background of Tinies

2. Major and minor problems

3. Environment

4. SWOT Analysis

5. Political economic social and technological issues

6. Suggested solutions

Major/minor problems

National nanny shortage

Dissatisfied franchisee's

Poor cash flow


Lack of communication skills



Industry going through a transition

20 outlets around Britain

Company Background

1. Set up 25 years ago

2. UK'S leading chain in childcare

3. Over 20 branches


1. Reliable franchise name important to parents

2. International recognition in New Zealand

3. Receive 10% of franchise profits

4. In Association with Daycare Trust


1. No terms and conditions for franchise

2. Companies financial power

3. Overall shortage of nannies


1. Easy franchise expansion

2. High Street Drop off for distant future

3. Recognised brand name gives opportunity to expand into other areas in the baby market segment


1. Increased childcare facilities in the workplace

2. Threats of a tarnished name

3. Threat of competition from similar companies


1. Rules and regulations for childcare

E.G The Childrens Act Inspection

2. Health and Safety.

3. Employment - wages etc.


1.67% of Woman Working in the workplace

2. Parents have more disposable income


1. More socially acceptable for Women to work outside the home.

Society is faster paced nowadays.


1. Website is a vital source of information for potential customers

2. Practically all business done using e-commerce

Suggested Solutions

1. Concentrate on core business till cash flow is sorted out

2.Web cam offer to customers

3.Offer high incentives to encourage more nannies to work for them.

4.Set up in Companies