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The concept of tipping has evolved into an expense everyone is expected to accept and pay as an obedient slave to the concept that people should be praised for performing duties for which they are expected to, and have agreed to perform, regardless of proficiency. This is the author?s position. I agree with the concept that tipping should not be expected. I tip out of appreciation for good service.

As a former over the road truck driver I have eaten at a lot different restaurants across the country. Granted a lot of these restaurants were truck stops. Truck stops literally make their living of the quality of their wait staff. A waitress who doesn?t like people or is rude usually will not last very long at a truck stop. Us truck drivers, once an OTR trucker always an OTR trucker, are a unique bunch of people. Drivers usually spend a lot of hours behind the wheel and alone all day and sometimes all night as well