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Essay Writing, Structure and Content

To what extent did the Declaration of Independence transform American society?


1200 words +/- 10%.

Citation system - Harvard style.

Font size 12, double spaced.


3-5 citations.

Non-obligatory requirements (i.e what I would like to see)

8-12 citation sources in a variety of formats.

Political, economic and socio-cultural style layout / structure of paragraphs.

Essay Structure

Introduction : 150-200 words.

Example: American society at this point time was largely divided. It was made of 13 colonies, each having their own distinct differences based on culture, ethnicity and previous historic incidents; however most of them were derived from the British crown, ruled by King George III. It is well noted that Britain is famous for its imperialistic ambitions and ideologies that came to rule well over 75% of the world, this is the situation that most Americans found themselves in, being ruled by an Imperialistic British government ruled by a constitutional monarchy that believed itself to be the divine rulers over these colonies.

This however is not the only factor that allowed the British to rule over the Americans and their colonies, factors such as religion, economic monopoly and slavery are just some of the reasons for their domination. However by the late 18th century American colonialists had grown weary of British rule, their despised taxes and Imperial government, leading to the Declaration of Independence. A document that had a profound impact upon the lives of the locals, finally granting them freedom and liberty but perhaps not to the extent they imagined. This view point will be thoroughly explored within the following paragraphs along with a critique of such thinking (208 words).

Main Body

Paragraph 1 - Style of government i.e Absolutism vs. Democracy

Paragraph 2 - Taxes, military...