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A story that million people sacrificed their life to save their country. Journeys end base upon true story written by R.C.Sherrif. Journeys end was first performed in a single Sunday evening, December 1928. R.C.Sherrif was wounded in the battle passchendaele 1917.he wrote the story based on the experience he went into. He experiences the death the friendship and experience being scared.

The war which had affected many people personalities Stanhope is considered by the men to be the best commander they have got. However, under the pressure of the Great War Stanhope had changed into different man and had turned to drinking alcohol to take away the fear and pain. Stanhope was affected from the war he became a drunker person as it was written in page 24 (Stanhope take a whisky and a water).

A strong and nervous and a coward person in the story "Hibbert". Hibbert feigned sickness in order to leave the front line as the book said "why, go sick - go down the line, I must go into hospital and have some kind of treatment"

But Hibbert doesn't want to go to the hospital he is afraid to face the war, but when he understands that Stanhope has the same feeling he decided to stay.


Raleigh a young excited man came from school to trenches to defend his country. Raleigh was full of glorious ideas of war but when he reached the dust place he was afraid -and first encounter with the reality of war and it horror changed his perception. As it was typed in page 37"it does rather I can't imagine- the end of six days here" and he lost enthusiasm about the war "Osborne tries to preserve the image from him. He tells him in page 16 "think of it all...