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When the Titanic set sail in 1912, it was thought to be the fastest and most remarkable ship of its time. Its maiden voyage was so famous, that's its horrific downfall came as even more of a shock to the public. The tragedy of the "unsinkable" ship is one that will be told for generations.

Construction of the Titanic began on March 31st, 1909. Two years and seventy-five million dollars later, it was ready for voyage. 882.5 feet in length and 46,329 tons, the Titanic was considered one of the most outstanding ships ever built. Designed by William Pirrie, many considered the Titanic "unsinkable". Although none of its builders declared it to be so, its sixteen airtight compartments earned it this nickname. Even Captain Smith admitted, "I cannot imagine any condition which would cause this ship to founder. I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel". (Adams)On April 10th, 1912, the Titanic set sail from South Hampton, England with hopes of reaching New York City. Aboard the ship were many workers, well known industrialists, and those looking to begin a new life in America. These hopefuls generally made up the third class, and were the most diverse of all classes. Third class living was much different from that of first and second. Though second class was significantly inferior to first, it was more than sufficient. Equipped with bars, lounges, a library, and barber shop, it had the ability to please even the most critical of passengers. None can compare, however, to the luxurious accommodations offered to the first class passengers. In addition to second class, first class passengers were also provided with a gymnasium, pool, stateroom, cabin, squash court, and more. (Adams)Taking advantage of these facilities were some of the richest and most famous people of...