Title: America: One People, One Voice, One Language? This is an essay on why the United States should allow itself to become bilingual, based on an article in the Detroit News.

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America: One People, One Voice, One Language?

Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote that "Every language is a temple, in which the soul of those who speak it is enshrined". However, in America the only true temple is English even though many Americans speak other languages. America is a diverse melting pot that has incorporated people, food, traditions, and beliefs from every corner of the world. However, a key aspect of the different cultures in America, language, has not been an ingredient in the melting pot. America should allow other languages to become mainstream, because it would be in keeping with the values this country and its people adhere to, not to do so would be unconstitutional, and it is inevitable it will happen.

America should allow other languages to become proponent in the country, because America is a free and tolerant nation. If this country and its people wish to continue its reputation of being open minded and welcoming it; therefore, should allow other languages to be widely spoken.

Also, as America claims to want to foster peace and good will among the different peoples of the world, it would be a good example than to incorporate the different languages into America. Furthermore, as America was founded by immigrants it only makes sense to allow other languages to rise to the same level that English is at. Finally, to not allow America to be bilingual would violate America's most sacred document, the Constitution.

America should be allowed to be bilingual due to the fact that to not do so would not be in agreement with the Constitution. Though "no legislation being proposed would force anyone in America to be monolingual" the possibility still exists that it could happen (Sowell A9). Allowing other languages to become prominent in this country is...