Title: And then there were none Author: Agatha Christie Setting:

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Title: And then there were none Author: Agatha Christie Setting: Indian Island Accusations: Edward George Armstrong, on March 14 1925 killed Louisa Clees Mary.

Emily Caroline Brent on November 5th 1931 killed Beatrice Taylor William Henry Blore killed James Stephen Landor on October 10th 1928 Vera Elizabeth Claythorne on August 11 1935 killed Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton Philip Lombard on February 1932 killed 21 East African Men John Macarthur on January 4 1917 sent his wife?s lover to his death Anthony Marston on November 14 killed John& Lucy Combes Thomas & Ethel Rogers May 6 1929 killed Jennifer Brady Lawrence Wargrave June 10 1930 killed Edward Senton This book is about 10 people who are told to go to Indian Island. They were told to go their bye a friend or college that met and had some strong ties with at one point or another. All 10 people had never ever seen each other some were skeptical about the whole concept of the letter.

But they went out of sheer curiosity. At the Train station they all say each other while waiting for a cab, most started a slight conversation with each other. They all arrived at a machine. They went inside to just be welcomed by an elderly couple. They all settled in. They soon started talking and they asked each other if they new who they were here to see, and to there amazement no one new who they people were. Soon night came and they all gathered in a room started drinking and talking. All of a sudden a voice came out of nowhere and started revealing their deepest darkest secrets. They went into in the next room and they say a gramophone with a record on it. The next thing they no The Old woman had passed out. Soon Dr. Macarthur came to her aid. Every one shortly got back in the drawing room and tried to figure out who was responsible for this act of treachery and so called lies. Every one revealed the letters that were sent to them. Everyone but the butler Mr. Rogers. Who said he was sent here bye his agency. John Macarthur gets up to get another drink, minutes later John Macarthur was on the floor lying motionless. They found out he was dead. Every one soon left the drawing room for their beds while pondering what could have happened to Macarthur as for Mrs. Rogers Dr. Armstrong gave her something to make her sleep. When entering their rooms they noticed the story of the ten little Indians in each room. Then when they all woke up they found Mrs. Rogers was dead. They went down stairs to eat they notice 8 little Indian figures on the table. But the other night there were ten. That day every one was pretty silent some confessions were maid. The only one who really seemed to keep his distance was General Marston so miss Vera Claythorne approached him he started telling her that the end is now. She soon she was upset by his rambling and left him alone. In a little while the gong sounded for lunch they all went in side except for the General. Soon Dr. Armstrong went to go get him only to discovery that he was dead. They all congregated around the table and discussed what has just happened. Several accusations were slung especially at the doctor. The rest of the day every spent it looking over their shoulder. Sadly the next day they awoke to another death. It was the death of Mr. Rogers. He died while chopping up wood in the corner the saw a large axe with bloodstains. And once again some more of the little alien figures were missing. They notice that all the deaths were just like the one in the story of the ten little Indians. The next person who would die would die from a bee sting. And surprisingly a little while later miss Emily Brent was stung bye a bee and died. Every one now was really uptight or stressed. Mr. Blore soon noticed his revolver was missing. Every ones room was searched and so was every person. The next day everyone was even more stressed out, the revolver was still missing, and as everyone was gathered around the table the noticed that the judge was missing. They searched frantically. Armstrong looked in the drawing room he found Wargrave but he was dead, he was shot. And once again they were all struck with another death it was Armstrong. After a while another death occurred now Blore was dead. Now only Vera & Lombard were left. As the only two left on the Island They new it had to be one of them so Vera found a rifle and shot Lombard. After that Vera was alone so she soon took her own life. But Lombard was not the killer it was really Wargrave who had faked his own death.