Title: Australia's relations with United States and Great Britain

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Australia's relations with Britain and the USA have changed greatly during the 20th century. Australia became a nation on Federation Day- 1st January 1901. However, had still maintained a close relationship with Britain. This can be seen in their participation in the Boer War, celebration of Empire Day on 25th March 1905 and head of state- King or Queen of England.

Australia's loyalty and commitment to its mother country is evident in its involvement in World War 1. Australia had no reason to join the war but had done so as it felt that it was their honour, duty and obligation to help Britain. This was again the reason why Australia's Prime Minister Menzies declared on national broadcast that Australia was joining World War 2 on 3rd September 1939.

After the fall of Singapore in 1941, Australia was the next agenda on Japan's hit list. However, at this particular time, British Prime Minister Churchill insisted that the Australian troops returning from the Middle East should protect Burma.

But Australia's Prime Minister Curtin greatly opposed and demanded that all troops should return home and protect Australia. This was the first time that an Australian prime minister had ever disobeyed Britain. And was also the turning point in Australia's relations with Britain.

Curtin's speech on 27th December 1941: 'Australia looks to America, free of any pangs as to our traditional links of kinship and ties with the United Kingdom'. This statement highlighted 2 things: Britain no longer had the ability to protect Australia and that America was to assume the position our 'great protector'. American war aid came in 1942. however, there were often strained relations between Australia and America as America had often tried to gain advantages from Australia and boasted its achievements whilst belittling those of Australia. But Australia was...