Title: Boisterous bullies

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Bullying is a problem that has been going in all societies for years.

There is always that one person out there who will badger someone, and

there are always victims who will be tormented by bullying. Have you ever

wondered why some people bully? How victims suffer? There are many

psychological problems associated with bullying for the bully, the victim,

and the bystander.

There are many psychological theories as to why a person may bully.

Some of these theories involve family problems, social problems, and

confidence problems. For example, did you know someone may bully

simply because of lack of understanding? That's right. Someone may

bully just because they don't understand that it hurts the victim. A big

psychological reason for bullying is that the bully wants power. "Now

why does someone need to bully for that?", you may ask. The answer is

simple. They either have insecurities themselves, or they want to look

"cool" in front of everyone else.

Someone who is a victim of bullying may suffer from many psycho-

logical effects. These psychological problems may range from lowered

self esteem, to utter depression, to suicide. One way to prevent lowered self

esteem is to know that what the bully is saying is not true! Bullies harass

simply because you are there. Never believe what they say, and try to think

positive, not negative. You might say, "Well, suicide doesn't happen

that often, right?" It actually happens a lot more than you think it does.

Did you know suicide is the leading cause of death among 13 year olds?

Although their problems may not be as severe, a bystander may also

suffer psychologically from bullying, especially if the victim is severely

harmed. A bystander may suffer psychologically from bullying because

they may feel guilty or...