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Question: Write a 1800 word essay on a current issue in today's society. What is the problem? and what are possible solutions?

Electricity is the world's largest resource and essential humans consume in large amounts from thousands of power plants. Most daily activities use electronics plugged in from a direct source to a power plant. From light bulbs to computers, all these electronics use electricity. However, the world today consumes too much electricity with a growth rate of 1.6% each year (Hydroelectric Power) and creates pollution damaging the environment, leaving conservation last on its mind. Fossil fuel plants like coal make up most of the plants in the world creating the most pollution and operating off non-renewable resources. The consumption of electricity is rising, global warming is increasing and non-renewable resources are disappearing by nuclear and fossil-fuelled plants having nations failing to see that the key to solution comes from alternative energy sources.

Coal and nuclear power plants are the most commonly built power plants in the world. Both plants are cheaper to make and use less land convincing governments to build more plants running off coal and nuclear energy. Overall, 81% of the world's power plants run off coal and nuclear energy (World Energy Production by Source) ignoring operation costs and the effects it leaves on the environment. Nuclear power plants are the most hazardous power plants, which can potentially cause nuclear spills and accidents releasing radiation harmful to humans (Nuclear Fuels and Wastes). Both plants cause pollution whether it is nuclear wastes or chemicals released into air. Global warming and the health of humans are serious problems and nuclear and coal power plants contribute into making the problems worse. Another factor affecting global warming is the use of transportation and equipment to dig and transport resources. Open...