Title: Dear John Write a letter explaining the environmental similarites and differences during fall and winter between Boston and a tropical place.

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Dear John,

How are you doing? I am to inform you of fall and winter in Boston. I have to remind you that your place is very different from Boston.

I believe you have never seen snow before. Snow is mashed up solid water. If the water is below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit, it is ice. If you mash up ice, the mashed up ice is snow. It snows in Boston during winter. The snow forms differently in the clouds. The clouds do not mash up ice.

I would think that you know that there are four seasons. The first season is spring. It is cool in Boston during spring. The non-evergreen trees have tiny leaves that are green.

The second season is summer. It is what I would call a bad season. It is always hot and wet. (That is my opinion) However, many people love summer like my mom.

The third season is my second favorite season. It is cool and beautiful. The leaves on trees are a rainbow of colors. The most common colors of leaves on non-evergreen trees during fall are yellow and red. After a while, the leaves slowly fall to the ground. On windy days, I find my front lawn covered with leaves.

The trees are in fact not dying. They are just unable to keep the leaves when frost is "growing" on the leaves. That brings up another point; frost only "grows" on things when the temperature is below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. It is very cold at night during fall. If you see any leaves that are not green, the temperature outside at night is very chilly.

Last but not least, there is winter, my favorite season. It is my favorite season for a couple of reasons. The snow is essential if...