Title: Discussion about Crisis Communication and the Importance of a Public Relations Plan.

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Discuss the importance of a PR plan:

In practicing effective public relations, it is very important for the public relations representatives to be on the same page as their clients. In addition, effective public relations requires a plan, which will act as a guide for carrying out and maintaining a public relations campaign.

When creating a public relations plan, the client is involved throughout the process--this helps the public relations representatives better understand how their client wants to be perceived by the media and their audience. Before creating a public relations plan, the public relations team does extensive research on the client's company, the market, their competitors, and previous public relations plans. If the client is wishing to create a new plan, it is very important to understand what did and did not work in their previous one, so as to make sure that past mistakes are not repeated, and elements that worked, are tweaked and further developed.

The research is a very in depth process, but it will act as a jumping off point for the public relations team to begin their creative process of creating a new plan. The team will do primary and secondary research, including researching on the internet, questionnaires, surveys, market analysis, ratings analysis, and demographic/psychographics analysis. In completing many methods of research, the team is using both quantitative and qualitative data to assess the situation--this measurement of quantitative and qualitative data will also be carried out throughout the campaign in order to ensure that all goals are being met.

After the research is completed in the situational analysis, the goals for the campaign are defined, and a positioning statement is created--the positioning statement situates the client's business/product among others in the same market, and in essence creates the image of the client. Once the...