Title: How does the poet create an atmosphere of sadness and a sense of loss? How effectively does he do this? comment: its a review of the poem 'gone' by simon armitage author: becky

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We're studying the poem, 'Gone' by Simon Armitage, It's a very effective and detailed poem. It works on a number of different levels and can have a number of different meanings. It deals with issues of death and sorrow. It's about a man who had just lost his wife, and his inner feelings and memories.

The poem has a really heavy pace, like a heartbeat, of a man, alone. The mood of the poem is very sad and depressing. This man sounds really upset and feels that he will never get over the loss of his wife. The poem is made up of short sentences mainly. For effect, it gives a sense of sadness, like he can't speak, just trying to force back the tears. He seems very confused and it has a few longer sentences mainly describing his feelings. They are a lot of phrases he uses in the poem that are about what is going on, but also manage to describe how he feels at the same time, on many different levels, for instance you could think of many different meanings for the phrase " to feel the thump of the hearse door shutting out the light " He explains that the hearse door shuts out the light, but he might also say light meaning life.

And talk about how that's his old life when she was still alive, or that was her life, and now she's gone.

This poem is quite difficult to understand, as the stanzas aren't complete, sentences run from one stanza to another. ( Enjambment ) I do think that each stanza has a very vivid image but I don't think they each have a set of images because the sentences run through stanzas the images carry on too. The stanzas...