Title: The Escape from the Boers. This essay describes an episode in Sir Winston Churchills Life. His trip to Africa in the Boer War.

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After losing amiably in the 1899 General Elections, Winston Churchill knew better than waiting idly. He found another war to join. The British in Cape Colony at the southernmost tip of Africa had started fighting with Dutch Boers (Farmers). Although the British had captured the Republic of Transvaal twenty years ago, The Dutch had recently armed themselves and denied the rights to the British Uitlanders. The British troops were ordered to the Transvaal border to ensure those rights. At this point the war was predestined. Winston Churchill took advantage of the situation and persuaded Morning post to send him to South Africa as their correspondent. In a few days he was on his way to Cape Town on a steamer. Once in Cape Town, he arranged an army agency for himself and then began on a turbulent journey to the Fight. There he met the British troops and began the adventure of recognition and achievement.

He was on an investigation mission in the enemy territory when the armored train he had been traveling on derailed; here they found themselves in a fight with Boers. Here both Winston Churchill and some other commanding officers were taken prisoners by the Boers. They were taken to a prison in Pretoria, every one but Winston Churchill was distressed. He saw that what had happened would be certainly beneficial to his career, but he undoubtedly had no intention of staying there. After his plead for release failed with the Boers, he saw no alternative but to escape. He made several attempts, but on one night the conditions were perfect and he escaped. With a bar of chocolate and £75 in his pocket he began on a hideous Journey out of the enemy territory. He traveled on a train during the night and remained hidden in...