Title of Essay: Modern Day Hero or Zero Book: To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird focuses on character Atticus Finch; a middle age man, a lawyer, and a father of two. Many have suggested the notion that this character is a modern day hero. However, before one can claim someone to be a modern day hero, they must first know what the phrase means. A modern day hero is defined as a focused, thoughtful, selfless and respectful person with fortitude. After reading and examining both the definition and the book, it is quite clear that Atticus Finch is indeed a modern day hero.

Atticus Finch constantly thinks of the consequences of his actions before he acts. However, rather than just thinking about the effects his actions will have on himself, he also thinks about how it will effect everyone around him. An example of this is when he is confronted by Mr.

Ewell; "Atticus didn't even bat an eye, just took out his handkerchief and wiped his face and stood there and let Mr. Ewell call him names wild horses could not bring her to repeat". The way Atticus resolves this conflict between himself and Mr. Ewell helps develop his respectful, proper and cautious character; rather than reacting to Mr. Ewell (which many people would usually do as an automatic response) he lets Mr. Ewell express his anger and leave. This way, instead of further angering Mr. Ewell ("a veteran of obscure war") and endangering not only his loved ones; but also other people in the town; he quickly thinks about what reaction will best benefit himself and others, then acts. Furthermore, he is able to remain calm and use this line of thinking in alarming situations. During the fire, when all the men were trying...