Title of essay: Paradox of Truth Title: Oedipus Rex Author: Sophocles

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Socrates proclaims "The unexamined life is not worth living." Many men live their lives for superficial reasons, never bothering to search for self knowledge. Yet life must be closely examined and reflected, known and discovered by every individual. Some argue that life is far better and easier, without this search and revelation of true knowledge. Oedipus was blind to his fulfillment of the prophecy. He was in the dark, not knowing what lay ahead. Seeking knowledge does not come without pain, which few can bear. After a painful and damning search the light was revealed to him. With understanding, he rose above the average man to gain insight and humility. Oedipus Rex and Emily Dickinson?s To Tell All the Truth portray the paradox of truth, along with the castigating journey.

The recognition of the truth is crucial, yet it must be stated obliquely. Oedipus embarks on a journey for the truth as to the whereabouts of the former king?s killer.

He declares to Thebes, ?to reveal the whole truth to me.? (255-6) This leads to summoning of the prophet Tiresias. Tiresias goes on to tell Oedipus that, ?you?re blind to the corruption of your life.? (471) Oedipus is slowly being revealed the truth of his true identity, but is still not able to grasp the whole truth. Angered by the prophet?s remarks, Oedipus demands Tiresias to speak up and tell what he knows, but as Tiresias continues to speak Oedipus becomes confused and enraged. Tiresias blames Oedipus for the ruin of the city and finally states that he is the murderer. This is the first dose of evidence that Oedipus is given. But he does not stop; moved by an insatiable impulse to know the truth he proclaims that, ?the time has come to reveal this once for all.? (1152)...