Title: international expansion into Japan Its an analysis of the environment of a country (Japan) and a leading Australian organisation in the retail sector (Harvey Norman).

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This report demonstrates strategic opportunities and threats outlined for Harvey Norman entering the region of Japan. Differentiating in different scales and views showing the competitive advantage of the purpose of setting up.

Economically, the country demonstrates an investment in itself as land, as a result of the past economic crisis. From this crisis, it shows that property market has slowed down making retail companies able to negotiate better deals for sites. While also giving the downturn in consumer demand in Asia making Harvey Norman easier to negotiate sites for construction close to shopping malls, which is a key choice of location. At the same time having the advantages for Japan having huge creation in jobs and improvement in education, development of infrastructure, improved capital and financial structures and access to advanced technology.

Emphasising constantly on culture is the key to winning the Japanese people to "ease" your work. Learning the different customs and adapting to their traditions gives great advantages to the organization.

However, the smallest non-verbal cue from a westerner make be very offensive to the Japanese so great care must be taken with everything that is done and how its done. This is regarded as a serious threat, even if it's from one individual, the organization may suffer for his/her actions.

A problem is faced as technology constantly changes, a new era arises, manual workers are no longer needed, therefore jobs are lost, and new jobs form, hence, the IT industry, Harvey Norman may open its own educational facility to educate its workers and give them a certificate or a diploma of which ever department they may be involved in i.e. advanced computer engineering or digital programming, different departments relating to the educational specification. This promotes jobs in Japan giving H.N a distinctive competitive advantage and assisting the...